I had admired Mistress Ekatarina’s beauty from her website gallery for some years and had hoped to meet her one day, and now it appeared that the opportunity had finally presented itself.  The session I had with Mistress Ekatarina turned out to be a wonderful and incredible experience.  It was a joy to submit and suffer in the presence and at the whim of a Mistress who is the whole package: she is beautiful and exotic, she has a voice which is sultry and sexy yet at the same commanding and demanding, she listens to your needs and accommodates them and yet pushes you to expand your horizons of what you are willing to experience and endure….


After seeing pro dommes for many years now, I more and more often find that the fantasy of a session exceeds the real experience. Even though my requests are usually fulfilled, it can be disappointing, because the activities and experience are so familiar to me already. Almost like a checklist. You ask for it, you get it, you hope she enjoyed it, and that it wasn’t just robotic work for her. But you rarely really feel a loss of control, or that power had been exchanged at all. It can feel more like a service rendered – a game, a dance – and not even close to true D/s. Nobody’s fault, but rather the nature of the business — and it’s often more business than pleasure, probably on both sides. The more sessions I have, the more I am realizing my desire to go evolve with my submission to a specific domme, not just satisfy my kinks for a couple of hours.

With you, I truly felt powerless and helpless, and I knew very quickly that I was acutely vulnerable and very much at your mercy – uninvited to change the direction, and unable to influence your intentions. It was probably the most difficult session I have ever experienced – maybe partly because I had previously never had a session longer than 3 hours, but more so, I think, it was due to your preparation and determination, to put me in an instant and constant state of vulnerability, pain, uncertainty, and desperation, maintained the whole time.

Beginning right away, when you applied the nose hooks, I was shocked at their impact, and instantly forced into a truly submissive state. Suddenly, I was frozen and focused, no longer thinking about my interests or desires, but instead, trying to think of a way to appease you. Or, as you instructed, trying not to think at all. In a way, you became the enemy in that instant – my captor, my tormentor. You knew you had surprised me and stunned me, and I no longer felt like a client entitled to some kinky fun. I felt like a victim, and capitulation was the only option.

Then from there, as you know, it only got worse for me: more painful, more fearsome, more agonizing. All of my ideas and all of my fantasies about the session were meaningless. Usually, it feels like there is some way to influence the proceedings, and maybe find some relief. But with you, I always felt like my reactions did not matter. The only preference you seemed to have about my behavior, at all, was that I shut up and suffer quietly. Yet even when I managed not to cry out loud and to breath through the pain, there was really nothing to be gained. Always, there was more hardship on the way. More deprivation, more overload, more predicaments, more rope, more agony. No mercy, no escape. I could only hope you were enjoying yourself, because trying to satisfy you through compliance seemed to be the only choice I had.

Later, by the time you were starting the hogtie that you had warned me about, I was trying to find ways to cooperate more, to surrender more, to somehow demonstrate that I was yours, completely, and there was no need to punish me with such a strict, agonizing tie. Surely, you could keep me captive, but less severely, I thought. Surely if I seem eager and willing and submissive enough, you will see fit to make my bondage more bearable. Maybe tie me loosely and sooth me and tell me I was doing well. Then you took my extended limbs and tied them quickly and efficiently, first my hands, then my feet. And I did everything I could to offer them to you, to show you I wanted to assist in my own restraint, to surrender completely. And for a moment, I thought you had read my mind, or had somehow seen value in the extra, eager cooperation. You paused just for a few seconds… and then… more rope… and you tied my hands tighter, my arms tighter, my feet tighter, and pulled everything painfully together, so it hurt everywhere, no matter how I moved, again, just like all the other ordeals. There was no negotiation, no compromise. I was (as I had requested) defenseless, defeated, and for the first time ever with a domme, I think I experienced true despair – as I went limp against the painful ropes, as my hands got numb and my ankles clashed together and my arms ached and my neck tightened and I drooled around the gag that hadn’t moved in hours, I think I finally knew the reality of true power exchange.

I need to thank you for that, sincerely, because although it was tremendously overwhelming and at times truly awful, you delivered exactly the type of situation I had asked for, in ways I couldn’t even imagine myself. I was completely subdued, genuinely hoping you would relent, but also determined to get through it all, and not to fail you. As maddening and devastating as it was, I am definitely glad and grateful you did what you did to me. It was a new level of prolonged suffering, and I do hope my surrender gave you some satisfaction.


Today I had the unique pleasure of serving these two gorgeous ladies … It was awesome….She and Ekatarina (she is a Russian beauty) emerged, Ekaterina wearing latex shorts, a latex bra and high heeled sandals.. Mistress Ekatarina began spanking me with her hand as I kissed Mistress Inga’s boots…. They took turns, and while one disciplined me, the other would stand in front of me and would allow me to worship her feet- it was awesome. Later, I was made to stand up, chained up and they took turns with several evil single-tails, one of which Mistress Ekatarina had showed me earlier as a “coming attraction.” It was intense, while one whipped me the other would torture my nipples. At the end, I told them that I felt like I had been dominated by two Victoria’s Secret Angels who just happened to also be great Dommes. I highly recommend seeing them- that was my early Christmas present to myself and one I will never forget!


I have been exploring the world of BDSM and the nature of my fantasies in this realm for about 8 years now.  For the most part my BDSM experiences have been with professional dominas, and fortunately I travel often enough to various cities around the world to have had the pleasure of engaging in sessions over the years with several beautiful, intelligent, exotic, and intoxicating Mistresses.  The frequency of my sessions unfortunately is sporadic, and so choosing a Mistress to session with is an important decision.  With upcoming travel to New York City for a few days then, I was hence very excited to see that Mistress Ekatarina Romanovich had relocated from Los Angeles to NYC and was holding appointments at her Midtown dungeon. I had admired Mistress Ekatarina’s beauty from her website gallery for some years and had hoped to meet her one day, and now it appeared that the opportunity had finally presented itself.  The session I had with Mistress Ekatarina turned out to be a wonderful and incredible experience.  It was a joy to submit and suffer in the presence and at the whim of a Mistress who is the whole package: she is beautiful and exotic, she has a voice which is sultry and sexy yet at the same commanding and demanding, she listens to your needs and accommodates them and yet pushes you to expand your horizons of what you are willing to experience and endure.

I began seeking a session with Mistress Ekatarina by following her instructions to send an email to introduce myself and to detail my session interests, previous experiences, goals, and why I believed we would be compatible for play.  Despite short notice and the upcoming weekend, Mistress responded to my e-mail within a few hours and was very accommodating.  Mistress confirmed that we definitely had common activity interests, and within short order we agreed on a Saturday morning session to start off the weekend with a bang.  That Friday night I was literally sleepless in anticipation of what the next day’s session would bring.  Having been truthful in voicing my fantasies, desires, and limits, would Mistress heed them? Would Mistress punish me in the ways that I found most arousing?  Would I be able to endure what she chose to inflict on me, and would I be able to suffer for her to her satisfaction?  Would she test my limits relentlessly and be my fantasy cruel mistress, but still know how to read me and adapt?

When I saw Mistress Ekatarina for the first time in person for our session, I was awed by her beauty and the outfit she had chosen to wear.  She is a raven-haired East European goddess with a gorgeous toned figure, a beautiful complexion, exotic inviting eyes, and a beguiling smile that hinted at what she had in mind for the day’s fun ahead.  She was dressed all in classic black, a simple shiny latex bodice along with heels, nylons, and gloves.  She wore a necklace, ear rings, and other jewelry to complete the look, giving her the image of the elegant ice-queen who is to be worshiped.  I’m a man of traditional tastes perhaps, but clearly my Mistress was in a uniform I could associate with impending tantalizing torments, teasing, and erotic punishment.  Mind you, the impressive play space behind Mistress was also quite inviting — it was full of toys and furniture which I hoped I would get to enjoy.  Mistress began the session with a review of my interests, experiences, and limits.  My primary fantasies include CBT and CBB along with immobilizing bondage aimed at granting Mistress complete access to my cock and balls for all the torments and teasing she sees it fit to inflict upon them.  Mistress listened to my list of what I had and had not previously experienced with CBT and CBB, and indicated that in addition to punishing my cock and balls in the typical ways “to warm them up”, perhaps it was time I experienced the CBT butterfly board and needles.  Mistress asked if I had a problem with “some blood”.  I apprehensively indicated that “some blood” would not be a problem.  Things were definitely getting interesting for the session…

Mistress Ekatarina began by trussing up my cock and balls with some cord, poking and prodding bits into position to ensure that things were tight and snug.  With my genitals tightly bound and my balls straining against the taut skin of my scrotum, my senses were heightened and I could feel Mistress’ every caress and playful flick of her fingers.  My cock leaped to attention, savoring each caress and anticipating the punishments to come.  Thwack!  Thwack!  Thwack!  A few well-placed hits with the crop on my cock and balls were enough to ensure that Mistress had my complete attention, and she led me by the cord around my cock and balls to the St. Andrews Cross.  As she secured me to the restraints on the cross, she invited me to look at her implements of bondage and torture which she kept ready, displayed, and stored in a cabinet across the way.  Restraints, floggers, whips, and other tools decorated the walls of her dungeon, but this cabinet she assured me, contained her collection of tools specially made for the specific task of torturing cocks and balls.  If I was a good slave and pleased my Mistress, I might get a chance to experience many of the torments.  If I displeased Mistress, she just might be a bit more enthusiastic in punishing my sensitive cock and balls than I might like.  I certainly wanted to please my Mistress as much as possible, but from a fantasy standpoint both alternatives actually sounded equally attractive.  I snapped back to reality when Mistress Ekatarina finished securing me to the St. Andrews Cross and grabbed  me by my testicles and squeezed them, rolling them against each other in her fist, reminding me who was in charge and letting me know that she now had me and my genitals exactly where she wanted them.  I gritted my teeth, my breathing pace sped up, and I braced for what was to come, hoping that Mistress would be pleased with her new toy.

Mistress Ekatarina methodically teased and tormented my cock and balls while I alternately moaned with delight and then groaned in discomfort.  She ran the Wartenberg Wheel over my bound genitals while I struggled, then ran her fingers over the area to soothe it.  She hung weights to my balls and then kicked them so they would swing back and forth, pulling my testicles along with them.  She cropped my cock and balls when she thought she heard me cursing in protest.  She gripped each testicle individually and poked at it with her forefinger and smiled when she saw the other testicle slightly retract in horror.  She took out the Electric Wartenberg Wheel and applied it multiple times all over my helpless genitals.  Small clamps, harnesses, and straps were applied to keep everything under pressure and exactly where she wanted them for the next application of CBT.  Mistress took me between pain and pleasure over and over, taking me to my pain limit and then soothing me until I recovered a bit, only to gleefully torture me again to push the limit further.  I took the CBT as best as I could, simply happy to be submitting to my beautiful Mistress and hoping to please her.  When Mistress Ekatarina saw that I was willing to endure for her, she leaned over and whispered to me that I had neglected to tell her that I had such nice big nipples she could also torture.  Since I hadn’t indicated they were off-limits, she was going to apply torture there as well, much to my concern.  I have very sensitive nipples, and Mistress was merciless with her nipple clamps.  The CBT was painful to be certain, but I would much rather endure ball pain than NT.  Mistress didn’t see a need to offer a choice however, and simply alternately applied CBT and NT, smiling at my increasingly frequent pleas for relief.  After some time Mistress stopped the torture, and I was able to catch my breath.  As I stood in Mistress Ekatarina’s dungeon, held up by the restraints on the St. Andrews Cross, Mistress told me that I had been a good slave so far, and that I was going to be rewarded with a new CBT experience — the CBT Butterfly Board.

As the session finale Mistress Ekatarina intended to apply the CBT Butterfly Board to me, something I had not yet experienced before.  I was released from the St. Andrews Cross and led to the bondage bed, where I was tied spread-eagled and then restrained with additional straps and cord.  As I lay there unable to see what was Mistress was up to, I could hear the sounds of equipment being gathered and readied for use.  Mistress cooed seductively, speaking to no one in particular but making sure that I heard, about whether to start with the “medium needles” and move to the “large needles”, or whether she should use a random variety, and then how many she should prepare to decorate my cock and balls.  She disinfected the area, wiped it clean, then clamped some device around my genitals, tightening it in place.  I could feel that some part of my scrotum was caught in an pinch, but I stopped complaining when Mistress returned and increased the pressure on my nipple clamps to give me something else to worry about.  For the next ten minutes, which felt like an eternity to me, Mistress pinched skin and pushed needles through my cock and balls.  With each needle I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, and clawed at the surface of the bondage bed, but I was determined to endure the process for my Mistress.  Between each needle Mistress took a vibrator and applied it to the needles, coaxing blood back into my cock and encouraging it to expose itself for more needles.  I was in a mental state of extremes, going between bliss and agony.  I was dedicated to submitting to my Mistress however, and so I kept thanking her and asked for more.  In the end, when the “large needles” had been applied, I had 11 needles through the skin of my cock and balls, and I was elated that Mistress had brought me to a new level of endurance, and I was grateful to Her.  She applied the vibrator to my cock head one last time, and within a few deep breaths it was over — I was in ecstasy and despite being immobilized in bondage I swear that I arched my back and lifted off the bondage bed.

After the session Mistress and I spoke and I thanked her for a wonderful experience.  If you are truthful in articulating what you want out of a session with her, Mistress Ekatarina truly listens to her slaves, understands their fantasies, and knows how to adapt during a session to keep activities fresh and challenging.  She is non-judgmental, respects your limits, is accommodating, and will give back as much as you put into the session.  I will definitely submit to Mistress Ekatarina again the next time I am in NYC, and I highly recommend Her to anyone who wishes to have a mind-blowing BDSM session with a beautiful and exciting East-European Mistress.


I have been sessioning with Mistress Ekatarina Romanovich, on and off, for about a year by now. She is beautiful, with a great figure, with a seductive voice and mesmerizing eyes. But that goes without saying – what Mistress doesn’t have all of those qualities! What attracted me to her was that we had many mutual interests – cross-dressing, humiliation, chastity play and smoking. However, it was her interest in role play that sealed the deal.

At that, she is superb! The couple of times that we’d tried that in the past, I was completely convinced that she was the person she was “playing” to be. She never broke character and deserved an Oscar!

This time we decided to take it up a notch. She was to arrive in NYC on an early flight and

I was to pick her up at the airport and spend the day serving her. We discussed the limits ahead of time and she knew exactly where mine were. She didn’t tell me what she had in mind, but simply told me to make myself available. She did instruct me to make an appointment at a waxing place because “all that hair just had to go.” Gulp.

A few days ahead of her arrival, I received an email instructing me to wear a suit, but underneath a butt plug, a cock cage, stockings, panties and a corset. I was also to bring a see-thru plastic cup and a bouquet of roses.

I read and re-read it. My mind began to race as my imagination was filling in the blanks. I’ve never experienced getting “dressed” in the public bathroom, and it was nerve wrecking. The fear of someone giving the door a hard shake and opening the lock, made my hands tremble… that didn’t help getting the garters to attach to the stockings. Nonetheless, the stockings and the garters went on; then the “anal plug harness,” then the CB3000, then the pink thong panties and finally the corset. I put on my suit, took the pink Victoria’s Secret bag with the cup, the bouquet of yellow roses and walked out of the stall.
While I waited for her to get off the plane, many women smiled at the sight of me with flowers and asked if I was waiting for them. I smiled and shook my head back “No.”
Finally, Mistress Ekatarina walked out. After a cross country flight, she looked tired, but still beautiful. She gave me her two bags and her hand to kiss, which I did gratefully. She then took the plastic cup and told me to wait as she went into the bathroom.
She walked out a few minutes later and handed me the cup full of her golden. We then walked to the car, me plugged up and locked up and carrying her two bags and sipping her champagne and she with the bouquet of roses and a pink Victoria’s Secret bag. My cock was straining in the cage and, I swear, it felt like the butt plug grew in size too.

We drove to the waxing place in silence as I was imagining what was about to happen and Mistress Ekatarina was checking her emails. We walked in and were told to go into one of many small rooms in the back. My heart was racing a mile a minute while Mistress Ekatarina sat calmly in the corner, absorbed in her phone. A heavy set Russian woman walked in and told me to go undress from the waist down and that she’ll be back. “Its OK, please stay” said Mistress Ekatarina, “he will change in front of you – wait until you see what’s underneath.” I turned beet red; still, I quickly began to do as I was told. The woman’s eyebrows were going further and further up her forehead as she first saw the corset under my shirt and then what was under my pants. Mistress made a bit of a scene unlocking the cage, while the woman watched in semi-shock, and then I removed the harness and pushed out the butt plug.

The rest of the procedure was sort of a blur. The woman waxed off my entire pubic area left only a small, porno-style, “landing strip.” It didn’t really hurt; however, I think I run into my humiliation threshold when I was told to grab my ankles and pull my legs over my head, so that the woman could wax all of the hair from my balls and butt. I must admit, it felt heavenly being smooth.

The next and last stop on this adventure was a shoe store. I shared with the Mistress my obsession with women’s shoes and she decided that it created a perfect match with some discreet public humiliation. We ended up going to Bloomingdale’s, with her looking at all the shoes on display and me walking a step behind, carrying her bag and coat. After she picked out the ones she liked, she sat down and ordered me to get them. I spent the next hour running around the store, getting this and that pair and putting them on and taking them off her feet… all the while she completely ignored me, other than stretching out her foot so that I could put on the next shoe. The looks we got from other women in the store, who noticed what was going on, were of complete disbelieve and envy.
The combination of objectification and public humiliation, not to mention all the things that I had under my clothes, pushed many of my hot buttons. Mistress Ekatarina never broker character and stayed a “bitchy girlfriend” through out our outing. If you are into cross-dressing, objectification and public humiliation, I cannot recommend Ekatarina Romanovich enough.


Punished by the beautiful Mistress Ekatarina Romanovich…

Having had a decade long fantasy about being punished by an stunning Eastern European Mistress, going back to the Other World Kingdom guardesses with their icy looks and long canes, it was with that great combination of excitement and fear after finding Mistress Ekatarina’s ad, i booked a session with Her. Seldom had i seen an ad with a dominatrix as beautiful and, in person, She was even more beautiful. But i’m getting ahead of myself.

Being a sub who needs serious discipline, those words in her ad about her Eastern European homeland as a place “where strict discipline and punishment are a way of life” that influenced her style of domination hit the perfect chord. Yet i’ve often found great discipline comes without great beauty and great beauty often comes without great discipline. The quest, for years now has always to find both and it’s been so so hard to find. But, that combination of Her photos and Her words told me She was both. And the beautiful yet cruel look in Her eye in the photo made my submission only a question of timing and logistics. Logistics were simple as it turns out. I e-mailed Her as She instructed on Her website. She promptly responded saying She was interested to discuss my training and instructed me to call. On the phone, Mistress Ekatarina was courteous and to the point as we discussed needs, limitations and logistics (and with Her sultry voice and commanding tone i was already captivated. And with Her subtle accent i could tell the Eastern European thing was real).

The session was arranged for Thursday afternoon at a well equipped dungeon in downtown LA and the “am I (and my ass) really ready for Eastern European style discipline?” question arose but as I thought of Her pictures on her website, i knew i was. She met me at the door and was more beautiful than even the pictures i had seen. Even more beautiful in person with long dark brown hair, light blue eyes and such an athletic and amazing body. She wore a tight leather dress, black stockings and knee high black leather lace-up boots with very high heels and She took control immediately as She led me into a well equipped private dungeon room. As soon as She crossed Her legs and asked me what my thoughts were for the session, i knew I wanted Her to take me to the deep place of submission that comes from taking more strokes from more paddles, straps, hairbrushes and canes than one imagined possible.

And so She did, in one of the most stunning sessions I have ever had. I was put into a submissive state from the moment i entered Her presence. She immediately connected my fetish for boots, feet, black nylons and crossed legs with my need to be put over Her knee for the hairbrush, be tied to the cross for whipping and to be bent over the bench for the caning and would stop the thrashing after 20-30 strokes, put down the toy and walk around me so i could take in Her beauty, see Her strong bare shoulders, Her black-nylon encased thighs and the heels of the boots that i might be able to kiss if i “took my punishment well”. Then, seeing i was intoxicated with all of this, She would smile and stare into my eyes (with a look of real pleasure from the pain she was inflicting that i will remember always) as she put nipple clamps on me and proceeded to tie them with string to the cross. Then, She’d pick up another whip and it was another 30-40 strokes. Then it was at Her feet where She instructed me on the way She liked to me kiss the stiletto heel of her boot, then remove her boots and massage and kiss the perfect arch and soles of Her beautiful feet.

Mistress Ekatarina’s Eastern European style discipline is one where great beauty is coupled with an obvious pleasure She gets when the clamp closes on the nipple, the string tightens on the balls and whip strikes the backside. Great beauty meets serious discipline. I look forward to my next session and further submitting to the beautiful and dominant Mistress Ekatarina….a highly recommended Mistress.


i served Mistress Isabella Sinclaire for over 10 years and i was devastated when she retired and moved away from LA. Among the last things Mistress Isabella did before leaving was to hold a play party during which She introduced 6 Dominas whom She had trained. Among those Ladies were Mistress Inga and Mistress Ekatarina.

Since Mistress Isabella has retired i have played frequently with both Mistress Inga and Mistress Ekatarina and can say with authority that Both Mistresses are World Class Dominas. Both of them get me into sub space almost immediately and make me get to that deeply peaceful place where i do not want the session to end; ever.

Each of them is even more beautiful than the photos they have posted and i highly recommend them. In the many years i have been a dedicated Maxville reader, i have never felt the need to post and recommend anyone; but these Ladies are special and i feel i should share my good fortune in knowing Them.

Over the past years i have come to know that Both of Them are highly ethical and concerned about the experience They are creating.


One day I was looking for a Domme on the net and saw a photo of a very attractive brunette by the name of Ekatarina Romanovich. I read her background & interests and decided to inquire about a session. I can proudly say I’ve been seeing Mistress Ekatarina for a while.

I want to share the most recent experience because it went beyond my wildest fantasies. I arrived at her door anxious to begin only to be overcome by her beauty as the door opened. I get the same rush from seeing her as I did the very first time. She says hello in her sultry Serbian accent and I’m immediately under her spell. The dungeon is first-class, impeccably furnished and decorated in tasteful femdom style. As I escape the outside world, she instructs me what to do and be ready for her when she returns.

I kneel as instructed with my head pressed on the floor, exposed and ready for her return. My heart pounds with anticipation. I hear the click-clack of her shoes in the distance…heels I imagine as I do my best not to turn my head and look. The sound gets louder, she stops and stands over me, placing her feet in front of me, well aware of my foot fetish. She reaches under me and squeezes my nipples, HARD, making her presence known as her nails dig into my flesh. I’m commanded to kiss each heel of what I see as peep toe shoes concealing her feet. I lift my head and eagerly press my lips to the heels in front of me. I’m then given the order to kiss each perfectly pedicured toe that peeks out. I savor each toe knowing she may take them away any second. The lights glisten off the red nail polish as she orders me to kiss her bare legs starting at her ankle and to work my way up to the top of her thigh. I do this slowly as she requests, feeling the supple skin and see the perfectly shaped legs before me. I reach the top of her second leg, then I’m told to stop and rise to my feet.

I stand with my back to her and listen to the sound of her shoes as she walks off. The sound of metal and items being moved around in what sounds like a wooden crate fill the dungeon. She sings along to the music she’s selected then returns to my backside. She begins clasping leather wrist restraints on me as I look down and see red manicured nails at the ends of her gorgeous fingers and hands. If you’re a foot/hand slut, Mistress Ekatarina will make your mind face. My wrists & ankles are cuffed, then she leads me to a wooden horse and told to bend over it. At this point I finally see what she is wearing as she cuffs me to the horse, only I can’t believe what I see. She’s dressed in a black sexy one-piece, low cut, very short leather dress with the sides cutout. She notices how aroused I’ve become and wastes no time countering this by smacking me repeatedly on my bottom with her bare hand. I’m told to look at the floor and hear a swish in the air. “Have you felt a cane before?” she asks. I reply, “No Mistress”, and hear her sexy laugh followed by the swish of the cane seconds before it lands on my bottom. She does this until I squirm and scream out in pain, then reaches under me and twists my nipples. She kindly dangles her heeled foot in front of me as I stretch to kiss her foot, only to be denied by the bindings. I’m thoroughly flogged then released and told to crawl to a long table covered in black leather.

I kneel on the ground as she unfolds the body bag, then I assist laying it on the table. She unzips it and instructs me to get inside, making sure my feet and hands are in the appropriate holding areas. She begins closing the bottom zipper upward stopping at my balls, then repeats this with the top zipper downward, stopping at my cock. She opens the two small zippers exposing my nipples, which join my genitals and face as targets. She decides, this isn’t enough and puts an O-ring gag into my mouth. She gets out the heavy ropes and binds me to the table so tight I am one with the furniture. She leaves the room as I try to lift my head to watch, again denied by the restraints.

She returns, stands over me with a handful of items and asks “Are you ready to be pierced by me slave?”. I mumble “yes Mistress” as I feel a cool wet substance sprayed on my genitals. She gives me an evil smile and holds up a bunch of small wrapped needles and a urethral sound, then rests them on my mid-section. She raises the metal sound and applies lube to the bottom portion. I’m nervous as hell, but since having seen Mistress before, I feel safe and trust her. She slowly works the sound down, inside me, feeling it open my urethra. She glances at me to note my reaction, holds it steady, then slides it up and out, setting it next to the wrapped needles. She pulls and touches my cock and balls, until I feel the most intense jolt of pain throughout my body. I grunt as the first needle pierces me. She smiles seeing how I react to her sadistic desires. She grabs my nipples and twists them. She unwraps the next needle and says “If I open them, I use them”. She takes her time deciding when and where to pierce me with the remaining needles as I become immersed in the world of masochism. She lifts her now bare foot and presses it onto my face, knowing how much I adore her feet. She kindly removes the O-ring gag then graces me with her foot on my mouth. “Kiss each to, then lick between each one” she says. I look up at her sparkling blue eyes, then kiss and suck each toe. She slides each toe in and out of my mouth, the red nail polish now looks wet as if it was just applied. She stops and lifts a clear plastic cup, places it between her legs, then fills it 2/3 of the way with her honey colored nectar. I’m told to open my mouth as she pours a small amount onto my tongue then told to swallow. She repeats this a few times and shows me the empty glass, then sets it off to the side. I hear a humming, then feel vibrations on my pin cushioned cock. “Suck my toes like a good slave” she commands me as I’m fed her feet. My senses are overwhelmed as the session culminates in mind blowing ecstasy.
I was completely intoxicated from the beauty, pain and pleasure granted me by Mistress Ekatarina.


I have never ‘reviewed’ two dommes together before. Somehow it seems disrespectful doing so and certainly each of these fabulous women deserves her own, and lengthy, tribute.

Am doing so as an exception this time because there are so many similarities and because they are very good friends and love to session together.

My biggest regret is that they do so much together and come to the Big Apple at the same time, thus forcing me to make a choice I do not want to make. I generally alternate between them.

I have seen both of them several times and here are my observations/comments. Both Ekatarina and Inga are drop dead gorgeous the former being dark haired and the latter blonde. Both have beautiful feet and know how to use them to tantalize and torment. As a confirmed foot fetishist, this is very important to me.

They are both very attentive and responsive so my interests are attended to but in their own fashion. They do not follow a rigid script and freely deviate as their interests dictate. Thus, Mistress Ekatarina knew that I was a willing ashtray but she pushed forward by spitting in my mouth and extinguishing her cigarette on my tongue and forced me to swallow the stub. Can’t wait for the next time.

Mistress Inga – at the time I saw her – had strong GS but forced me to take all of it and I still savor the experience in memory.

They are deliciously wicked, LOVE what they do and just such fun to be with in every way. The way they smile at you is enough to make you want to curl up at their feet and never leave.

They visit NY often so look out for their travel dates and see them as soon as you can.



I cannot say enough about the incredible journey that Ms. Ekatarina took me on, when I visited Her house of dreams in LA last week. I have sessioned with the elite among these boards for several decades, and I have yet to meet a more perfect Dom. Her amazing perception and Her intuitive pushing of my limits was among the top percentile of experiences I have ever had.

I fantasize about ball kicking, yet am too sensitive to allow for what we see in the video, and She knew without a word from me, exactly How far I could be pushed, without ruining the scene. Her bondage technique is sublime, and Her use of the suspension equipment will keep me remembering and longing for more until She returns from Europe in October.

An A++ Effort and an overall incredible experience. And, by the way, when you see Her photos on Her web pages, she appears to be pretty close to perfect in looks….She is even better looking in photos.  Her demeanor and professional competence are simply off the charts.


I’m writing to thank you for the session, which almost two weeks later still feels like a life event.

I keeping thinking it was so much more than I asked for, but then again, I believe it was pretty much exactly what I asked for. Some of the states of mind I went through were new to me. In pushing my limits there as you did, you laid bare the mental resistance in my own need to control, and the extent to which it feeds withdrawal from others. I now see options I didn’t see before, situations I can surrender where I didn’t even realize I was threatened. I’m a little more ready to fight injustice and a little more able to accept pain when there is no fight to be fought.

I’m amazed by your expertise, not just the craft of what you do but the psychological mastery of a partly-willing subject like me. My shrink said I went through trauma, acceptance and recovery in one night, and I think that sounds correct.

My girlfriend was pretty surprised to find me all shaved and battered, but soon agreed the experience left me more present and able to connect. Within a few days she was playfully threatening to send me back to you. I think if that happens it’ll have to be a servitude session with much less physical suffering, if you can stand that. Though I love the feeling of having survived a torturous ordeal, I might be the type who only needs to jump out of that airplane once.

Thank you Mistress! I’m glad I trusted you so completely.